The above clip is a little violent and if you’re not a fan of watching former humans get hit with a sniper rifle, you may want to avoid the temptation to click. No guts, no glory, though. Zombie flicks are always good for excessive gunplay, and Turner Clay’s State of Emergency is no exception. The exclusive DVD clip, “Sniper,” follows a group of individuals that are working to survive after a plague of zombies has become the norm. When zombies are around, easy tasks( including gathering other survivors and nabbing supplies) can become tricky, but luckily the crew has a sniper rifle on its side. State of Emergency will hit DVD and digital download on April 16.

Image Entertainment’s film has a little bit of an Under the Dome quality to it, following a county quarantined after a military bio-plant has a leak, turning much of the county’s population into zombies. Like all good zombie flicks, a few rogue humans remain part of the zombie-zone. State of Emergency won’t be the only zombie flick of the past twelve months—it’s going to have to compete with the likes of World War Z and even Resident Evil: Retribution. However, the film’s lower budget status should appeal to die hard zombie fans and even action thriller fans.

I’m a fan of bonus features, so in most instances I will still recommend a hard copy of the flick, but this is one of those times it isn’t really necessary. There aren’t really bonus features with the set, and a digital download should suit you just fine.

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