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Remember when we heard that Deadpool was getting a sequel the week before it was released? That was fairly impressive, as it showed that the studio was confident that audiences would like the movie, even though the average moviegoer hadn’t seen it yet. Now, it appears that another studio is so confident in one of their new projects that they want to get to work on a sequel, even though the first film won’t be out for months.

According to Justin Kroll of Variety, Warner Brothers is so impressed by Suicide Squad at this point that they’re already in the early stages of development on a follow-up. They’re apparently looking to fast track the sequel so that it shoots next year for a release in 2018. Needless to say, this was much faster than we were expecting any sequel to happen. What’s more, Warner wants to bring back the entire crew for Suicide Squad 2.

David Ayer is currently working on a new film called Bright that will also include Will Smith. The word is, Warner Brothers is trying to get that film to shoot this year in order to make sure Ayer is available to direct Suicide Squad 2. However, Ayer working on Bright does mean that they will need somebody else to take over the screenplay side of the equation.

The level of excitement for a Suicide Squad 2 is a 180-degree shift from what we’ve heard coming out of Warner Brothers for their other, bigger, DC comic property. The rumors from early screenings of Batman v Superman; Dawn of Justice is that the studio is worried it may have so much trouble that it could set the entire Justice League related plan. It’s also possible that this is a direct result of that fear. If WB is looking to push the entire franchise back for whatever retooling is needed, that would create holes in the schedule, and they’re looking toward Suicide Squad to help fill them.

Since all we’ve seen is trailers, we don’t have much to go on, but we certainly like what we’ve seen in the Suicide Squad. Is it too soon to go looking for a sequel? What do you think?