Suicide Squad Fans Almost Broke Through Barricades At The MTV Movie Awards After Seeing New Trailer

People are really excited to see Suicide Squad, and way more than expected. There has been some great reactions to the trailers and fans seem to be really responding to the fun vibes of this super villain helmed movie. People are getting so excited, in fact, that the crowd in attendance of the MTV Movie Awards almost stormed the stage when some of the cast appeared to show some never before seen clips from the upcoming blockbuster.


According to the Los Angeles Times, fans were giving a special treat at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, hosted by Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, who were promoting their new buddy comedy Central Intelligence. During the ceremony Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and Cara Delevingne, some of the cast of Suicide Squad, took the stage to introduce the new clip. Apparently, the fans were so excited that they almost toppled the barricades holding them back. The actors weren’t even in character.


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Doesn’t this story make you want to see that Suicide Squad footage really bad? How good did it have to be to make people almost storm the stage? Talk about being hyped for a movie. I can't imagine being those poor actors who must have actually wondered if they were about to get mobbed over a movie trailer.


It’s interesting that Suicide Squad is the movie that gets such a reaction. As far as superhero movies go there’s really nothing like it. The entire movie is about the bad guys and that appears to be an angle that’s stirring up a lot of excitement. The movie has been undergoing some reshoots, with some conflicting reports over whether it’s to insert more action or more fun into the blockbuster. Warner Bros. is clearly listening to what people want from the movie and is working on living up to those expectations. Let’s see if positivity surrounding the movie stays intact when it hits theaters this summer. Remember, there was similar excitement for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before it came out too.


You can see this new footage during the MTV Movie Awards, which airs tonight on Sunday 10 at 7 PM EST. Suicide Squad hits theaters this summer August 5, 2016.

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