Suicide Squad: Ranking The Members By Who's Most Likely To Die

A new trailer for Suicide Squad recently hit the web and pretty much took the world by storm. Striking the absolute perfect balance between darkness, humor, and fun, the trailer gave us a great look at the characters that will be present in the film – both beloved and obscure. Of course, given the nature of the film, odds are pretty good that not every member of Task Force X will be coming back from this dangerous mission.

If Suicide Squad lives up to its name, then we as an audience can expect a pretty high body count. However, not everyone on the team seems quite as expendable as others. We have decided to comb through all of the footage and information we have in order to rank the members of the Suicide Squad based on the likelihood that they would bite the dust when the movie hits theaters on August 6, starting with No.10 (completely safe) and working our way down to No.1 (an absolute goner). Let’s get the ball rolling with No. 10…

10. Harley Quinn

Not happening. Aside from the fact that Margot Robbie’s star power could likely carry her through to the end of the story, the simple fact of the matter is that the film has already been very much framed as the Harley Quinn show. With so much time seemingly devoted to her backstory as Harleen Quinzel, before she became the Joker’s beloved Harley, it would seem strange to suddenly have her killed by the end of the film. Harley’s going to make it and continue her giddy path of destruction well into Suicide Squad 2.

Odds of them dying: 1,000,000 to 1

9. Joker

I know, he's technically not a member of the titular squad but bear with me. If one member of the clown-themed couple is going to bite the dust by the time the credits roll on Suicide Squad, then Jared Leto's Joker seems like the more likely candidate; however, that doesn’t mean we think he’s going down. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice seems to allude to a long, brutal history between The Dark Knight and The Joker, so for the clown prince of crime to die before a whole movie can be devoted to their backstory doesn’t make a great deal of sense. Joker will make it out alive because we, as an audience, still need to see A Death in the Family brought to life on the big screen.

Odds of them dying: 999,999 to 1

8. Captain Boomerang

If Jai Courtney is ever going to find his niche in a major action franchise, then Suicide Squad looks to be the place to do it. Despite developing something of an unsavory reputation among moviegoers, Courtney’s take on Captain Boomerang in the most recent trailer for Suicide Squad was an absolute show stealer. Killing the comic relief could derail the movie, so from a story standpoint, there seems to be a reason to keep him alive. Aside from that, there are moments in the trailer that feature a severely whittled down Suicide Squad, and yet he’s still standing. As Boomerang is primarily an enemy of The Flash, perhaps he will break free and become a founding member of the silver screen iteration of the Rogues? We can get behind that.

Odds of them dying: 1,000 to 1

7. Katana

Although the whole premise of the Suicide Squad is that it’s a team comprised entirely of DC super villains, Katana represents something of an exception. Although she’s not necessarily a hero in her own right, the film seems to present her more as Rick Flagg’s right hand than a fully fledged member of the team. The first trailer for the film showed Katana in a deep state of emotional turmoil at some point during the film; she’s going to suffer at some point during this film, but probably not in a physical way.

Odds of them dying: 500 to 1

6. Deadshot

Of all the entries on this list, Deadshot seems like the biggest toss up. On one hand, the film seems to be setting him up for a redemptive arc as a man rising above his troubled past to do some good. On the other hand, this redemptive arc could very well lead him to commit the ultimate sacrifice. We’ve seen Warner Bros. take this route in the Arrow-verse already, which is why they will probably not opt to do it again. Ultimately, Deadshot will probably end up surviving and go on to lead the team in future movies, because you don’t waste star power like Will Smith. Basically, Deadshot represents the last character on this list more likely to live than die. Now let's get to the cannon fodder.

Odds of them dying: 100 to 1

5. Rick Flagg

Rick Flagg and Deadshot will very clearly share some sort of friendly rivalry throughout Suicide Squad. They’re both elite soldiers, and both have the ability to lead the team; based purely on Sith rules, there’s very little chance that both of them make it out of the film alive. Flagg’s death could pave the way for Deadshot to become the leader of Task Force X during future installments in the franchise. Remember when we said Katana looked overwrought during the first trailer? Rick Flagg’s death seems like an adequate reason to elicit that sort of visceral response from her.

Odds of them dying: 50 to 1

4. Killer Croc

Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) is a big name villain even for the most cursory Batman fans, but he’s not so essential to the mythos of The Dark Knight that he's safe from death. Although he's seen taking part in many of the film's action sequences, the character is also noticeably absent from the street-level fighting the trailers so gloriously showcased. There’s an incredibly high possibility that his more vicious nature could get the better of him, and he could end up as one of the members of Task Force X who goes rogue. At one point during the most recent trailer, he appears to attack Katana, further adding credence to the theory that he’s not coming back from this mission.

Odds of them dying: 10 to 1

3. Enchantress

Cara Delevingne's Enchantress is where things get interesting. She’s not an actual member of Task Force X, but most of the evidence present in the trailers point to her becoming the primary antagonist of the film. She appears to have some sort of romantic entanglement with Rick Flagg, but the Suicide Squad is going after her, and they’re not exactly the prisoner-taking types. Technically, June Moon and Enchantress are two separate entities, so it remains entirely plausible that while the Enchantress persona will be killed, the host body of June Moon will survive the events of the film. What are your thoughts on this possibility?

Odds of them dying: 5 to 1

2. El Diablo

El Diablo (Jay Hernandez) is one of the lesser-known characters in Suicide Squad, and therefore pretty much fair game for the film to kill off. The trailers and promotional materials we have seen thus far seem to present the character as incredibly powerful, but also incredibly sad; he seems to have religious convictions, and wants to be left alone, which could make his death one of the more somber demises in he film. Perhaps the most telling evidence of his death is a brief moment during the most recent trailer in which he can be seen screaming defiantly at an unseen enemy – pointing to the moment just before El Diablo is permanently extinguished. (Our guess, anyway.)

Odds of them dying: 2 to 1

1. Slipknot

He’s a goner – plain and simple. Aside from the fact that Slipknot is a low-tier villain played by relatively unknown actor Adam Beach (at least compared to other members of the cast), the simple fact is that the few moments that spotlight him in the most recent trailer for Suicide Squad do him no favors. During one of the first moments we as an audience get to see him, he punches a female FBI agent in the face; unlike Boomerang, this moment isn’t really played for laughs. He's also barely present during many of the action sequences showcased in the trailers. If anyone on the team is getting killed during the events of Suicide Squad, we can rest assured that it will be Slipknot.

Odds of them dying: 1 to 1

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