A new trailer for Suicide Squad recently hit the web and pretty much took the world by storm. Striking the absolute perfect balance between darkness, humor, and fun, the trailer gave us a great look at the characters that will be present in the film – both beloved and obscure. Of course, given the nature of the film, odds are pretty good that not every member of Task Force X will be coming back from this dangerous mission.

If Suicide Squad lives up to its name, then we as an audience can expect a pretty high body count. However, not everyone on the team seems quite as expendable as others. We have decided to comb through all of the footage and information we have in order to rank the members of the Suicide Squad based on the likelihood that they would bite the dust when the movie hits theaters on August 6, starting with No.10 (completely safe) and working our way down to No.1 (an absolute goner). Let’s get the ball rolling with No. 10…

10. Harley Quinn
Not happening. Aside from the fact that Margot Robbie’s star power could likely carry her through to the end of the story, the simple fact of the matter is that the film has already been very much framed as the Harley Quinn show. With so much time seemingly devoted to her backstory as Harleen Quinzel, before she became the Joker’s beloved Harley, it would seem strange to suddenly have her killed by the end of the film. Harley’s going to make it and continue her giddy path of destruction well into Suicide Squad 2.

Odds of them dying: 1,000,000 to 1

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