Tatum O'Neal was in the news recently with a completely icky, rather-not-think-about it story, about how her dad Ryan O'Neal approached her at Farrah Fawcett's funeral and, well, just read it yourself. But luckily she's still trying to be known as someone other than "the woman who got hit on by her own dad," signing up for a role in indie drama Sweet Lorraine.

According to THR she'll play a former queen of the New York underground scene (underground music? underground rock? who knows) who moves to a small New Jersey town and gets involved in local politics. She's also got a part in the Kristen-Stewart-as-Joan-Jett movie The Runaways, which is news to me.

O'Neal is known for being one of the youngest ever Oscar winners, snagging a trophy for Paper Moon at age 10, and her adult acting career hasn't exactly matched. An opportunity to turn things around? Or just a older actress taking whichever half-decent role comes her way? Time will tell.