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How many times have you been sitting in a theater watching a bad movie (maybe your girlfriend dragged you there) and thought, "if only this had R. Lee Ermey." Come on, who hasn't? What movie wouldn't be better without everyone's favorite drill Sergeant?

Well maybe the beautiful teenagers getting stranded and chopped up in a remote rural area genre has been done to death, but at least when Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning opens this weekend, it'll have R. Lee Ermey. Oh, it'll also have chainsaws. I think chainsaws are good.

With the movie so close, New Line is blitzing the hell out of my inbox with Chainsaw Massacre content, and so I'll share it with you.

I've updated our Texas Chainsaw Massacre photo gallery with dozens of new stills from the film, and our Massacre video gallery is stuffed with clips. Check them out for more R. Lee Ermey.