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We have no way to verify that this poster for Thor: The Dark World is in fact what it claims to be-- a fan-made Photoshop effort that somehow, accidentally got turned into a giant movie theater stand-up in a Shanghai theater. The image was posted to Reddit from a Korean website that has since deleted the original post, and there's nothing to really verify that this isn't a Photoshop of a Photoshop, an actual Chinese lobby poster that got turned into this homoerotic adventure by the kinds of tricksters Loki might admire.

Let's just ignore all the veracity issues and focus on what a fantastically weird version of Thor: The Dark World this theater would be setting up its moviegoers to see. Not even addressing the homoerotic/incest nature of this Photoshop job… where does this put Jane Foster, Thor's one true love who was left behind on earth at the end of the last movie and actually features pretty prominently in the real version of this poster? Check that one out below for comparison:

The Internet is crammed with people who would be perfect happy with the version of Thor: The Dark World this poster suggests-- Loki is so massively popular he can bring an entire Comic-Con audience under his thumb, and because this is the age of Tumblr Loki's popularity has resulted in some intense online attention. Tom Hiddleston isn't technically more famous than Natalie Portman, but for a very vocal subset of the Internet, he deserves to be front and center on the Thor: The Dark World poster way more than the actual love interest.

Lucky for those Loki fans and anyone who likes their superhero movies with a heavy dose of humor, Hiddleston is the clear highlight of Thor: The Dark World; as Sean wrote in his review, "Hiddleston continues to steal the show." So while Thor and Loki's romantic relationship will be limited to the realm of fan art and perhaps an unsuspecting Chinese movie theater, Loki's probably still getting enough attention to make up for it.

Check out the trailer for the actual, less incest-ridden Thor: The Dark World below, and see it in theaters everywhere starting this weekend.

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