Two New Avengers Images Have Iron Man, Captain America And Thor In The City

We may have run out of new images from The Avengers. I'm not saying we've seen everything the huge superhero movie has to offer, or that we won't be seeing TV spots come March or April that highlight stuff we haven't even glimpsed yet-- namely, Mark Ruffalo's Hulk. But for now, while The Avengers publicity machine idles in low gear in advance of the summer blitz, we're mostly looking at the same images of the same scenes-- and that goes for two new images that debuted at as well.

That's not to say they're not cool. The shot of Iron Man flying between city skyscrapers has a nice sense of that high-flying energy that the Spider-Man movies always did, and who doesn't like seeing Captain America and Thor screaming at unseen foes-- even if it's from a scene we already saw them film thanks to handy bystanders. Check out both of the new images below:

Larger versions of both are available at Marvel, so feel free to head over there and pick out any details we might have missed. The Avengers is set to come to theaters on May 4, and with Thor and Captain America still lingering fondly in our memories, we've got no reason not to look forward to the biggest live-action superhero team-up we've ever seen. Based on what you guys have been reading on the site for the last few months, you're right there with us. For all the latest news and materials from the film, you can always visit our Blend Film Database.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend