The Ugly, Crazy And Bitter Jane Got A Gun Lawsuit Just Came To An End

At any given moment in Hollywood, there is a slow motion trainwreck happening. Whether we’re hearing about it publicly or not, at this very second a star is angrily refusing to come out of her trailer or a producer is screaming at a director and threatening to pull a movie’s funding. When you throw a whole bunch of creative types into a pot and mix them with a few business executives and millions of dollars, more than a fair share of disasters are bound to happen. Take Jane Got A Gun as an example. Director Lynne Ramsay bailed on the movie almost exactly one year ago, and the ensuing legal fallout just came to an end.

Neither Ramsay nor the producers for Jane Got A Gun are speaking publically as to what happened, but according to Screen Daily a settlement has been reached between the two parties. As such, all civil action and pending lawsuits will now immediately come to an end, and more than likely, all involved will be barred from speaking publically in the future.

Here’s the official statement…

"Jane Got a Gun Production LLC and Lynne Ramsay announce the pending civil action and all other disputes between the parties associated with Jane Got a Gun Motion Picture have been resolved privately and to their mutual satisfaction."

Exactly what happened on the set of Jane Got A Gun remains a hotly debated mystery. All anyone can seem to agree on is how bad the drama was. Two years ago, the film was among the most buzzed about in Hollywood. From a Black List-selected screenplay and starring Natalie Portman, Michael Fassbender and Jude Law, the project was to be Ramsay’s follow-up to the acclaimed We Need To Talk About Kevin. Despite all the promise, however, the problems began almost immediately.

Ramsay and the producers (including Portman) reportedly battled in pre-production over everything from who had final cut to what the production schedule would be like. Depending on what story you’d like to believe, an enraged Ramsay either quit on Saturday or just flat-out failed to show up for the first day of production on Monday. Either way, the furious producers blasted her via the media almost immediately and hired Warrior director Gavin O’Connor to take her place. He flew in as quickly as possible to try and reassure the more than one hundred cast and crew members sitting on their asses in New Mexico, but his words weren't able to keep everyone on board with the project. Jude Law left in short order and his exit began a game of musical chairs that briefly involved Bradley Cooper and eventually settled on Portman, Ewan McGregor and Joel Edgerton as the leads. In November, the producers filed a lawsuit against Ramsay demanding repayment of all funds they’d given to her, and she responded with the legal version of a middle finger.

At this point, Jane Got A Gun is scheduled to hit theaters on August 29th, but behind the scenes rumors are raging that the film may not even be finished. No footage has been released, and no one is speaking publically. Given all the backstabbing and angry words that have been thrown so far, however, silence is probably a good thing.

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