After drawing notice with his award-winning film short The Response, NYU Grad school graduate Adam Rodgers has gone into pre-production for his first feature film, Admissions. To be clear, this is not the Paul Rudd-Tina Fey vehicle. That's called Admission. And though both comedies are set on a college campus, Rodgers' Admissions doesn't center on the school's staff. Instead his feature focuses on a two (presumably single) parents who meet while taking their vexing children on a campus tour. Bringing some intrigue to Rodgers' debut is Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia, who THR reports have signed on to front the film.

Farmiga, who most recently appeared in the action-mystery Safe House, is set to play a free-spirit who sparks a connection with Garcia's uptight heart surgeon. When each is spurned by their respective ungrateful teenaged child, they decide to abandon the tour. From there they set off on the wonderful adventure that is a day without plans, and soon find themselves on a path to romance.

Admittedly, I'm unfamiliar with Rodgers' prior work, or that of his Admissions' co-writer Glenn German, with whom he penned the Lifetime TV movie Racing For Time. So, it's hard to say what we can expect from Admissions. The premise itself doesn't thrill me, but Farmiga and Garcia are both talented and compelling performers, who bring a spark to just about any project. Unfortunately, both have made some questionable choices in their filmographies, which doesn't inherently make their commitment to Admissions a sign of its quality. However, Garcia is also producing the picture under his CineSon Productions, which speaks to his passion for the project. Whether or not this will translate into a worthwhile rom-com, only time will tell.

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