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Vinessa Shaw Joins Siren

Described as a “dark modern romantic fairy tale,” Siren takes a look at the life of a girl who is cursed with the ability to smell good. Her scent is said to be irresistible to men, which doesn’t sound like much of a curse, however there’s probably more to it than that. Cast in the lead role is Vinessa Shaw.

How do you make a movie about a woman who smells amazing? Casting a gorgeous lead doesn’t hurt. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Shaw has been cast in the starring role in the indie film, which is being directed by Jesse Peyronel. Presumably, she’s playing the girl with the amazing smell.

On the subject of Shaw’s character’s curse, the Reporter quotes Peyronel as saying, “It’s really a grounded intimate look at someone who has a special ability but looked at in a personal way. It takes a more realistic look at an X-Men style power.”

?There are certainly places to go with a story like this, though it should be tricky to do in film. Color and music are said to play a big role in the movie in setting the tone, which makes sense (pun partially intended). When it comes to film, we’re conditioned to recognize beauty by sight and sound more than anything else. Without smell-o-vision technology, our eyes and ears are all the filmmakers have to make contact with. Translating smell through film can’t be easy, but casting a gorgeous lead will likely help there.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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