Watch Andrew Garfield Do A Comic-Con Panel In Character As Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield may be almost 30 years old, and he may be British, and he may not have been the random famous name we were eyeing when it came time to cast a new actor to play Spider-Man. But damned if he's not taking the character and running with it, not only turning in a performance in The Amazing Spider-Man that instantly allowed us to forget about Tobey Maguire, but seeming so sincere about the role in all his public appearances that we couldn't help but root for him in the part.

Remember two years ago when he first showed up at Comic-Con in a cheap Spider-Man suit and gave an emotional speech about how much the role meant to him? Yeah, this moment in the video above tops it, in which Garfield shows up onstage in his actual Spidey costume and then proceeds to do the panel in character as Spider-Man. Even the name card says he's Spider-Man! Garfield's even sticking with the American accent, which is of course key. There was actually a video that showed before this, of Garfield in full Spider-Man costume trying to get into Hall H for the panel, and of course getting rebuffed by the security guard-- "There are 10 more of you inside!" But that seems to be a Con-exclusive kind of thing, so we'll have to deal with the panel footage for now.

Garfield later came back onstage as himself-- you can read how the rest of the panel went here, and watch Sean's flabbergasted video response to the footage they showed here. Actually, why don't we just revisit that moment of geeky glory below, especially because we can't actually show you the footage from inside Hall H.

It doesn't matter so much that Andrew Garfield showed up in costume, or participated in a silly publicity stunt-- that happens regularly at Comic-Con, among stars who might not care at all about their movies (see Harrison Ford arriving in handcuffs to promote Cowboys & Aliens). What matters is that he really sold it, and seems to care about playing the characters as much as the fans sitting in Hall H would. The best moments of Comic-Con are often the most sincere, when kids or really devoted fans step up to the microphone to ask a question of their idols, and the actors-- who might be jaded or exhausted or not give a lick about superheroes-- seem moved by the passion. Andrew Garfield seems to embody that passion, with absolutely no effort, and it's a remarkable thing from someone under enormous pressure from many sides to turn in the Spider-Man that they want. He may be stuck playing Spider-Man forever, but if he keeps enjoying it this much, then why not enjoy it along with him?

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend