Watch This Batman vs. Superman Fan-Made Teaser, With Bryan Cranston As Lex Luthor

Now that Ben Affleck is Batman, we actually have a pretty decent picture of what to expect in Man of Steel 2, a.k.a. Batman vs. Superman, which will follow-up on Superman's story while also introducing Ben Affleck as the new face of Bruce Wayne. But there's still plenty of fan speculation about how Lex Luthor might fit into the story, and this fan-made trailer, posted here, shows off the Man of Steel 2 that many fans are hoping to see, with Bryan Cranston in the role as Lex.

As with all fan-made trailers this is made up of snippets from other films, with a heavy reliance on Man of Steel and, of all things, Total Recall, in which Cranston played a high-profile enough villain to give the kind of TV address you'd expect from Lex. The main inspiration for Cranston's casting, though, is of course Breaking Bad's Walter White, a role so nuanced and complex over the last five seasons that even the most hardcore Superman fans have to admit it would be a kind of step down. With Breaking Bad ending and Cranston more in demand than ever before, it doesn't even take these kinds of rumors to assume he'd be offered the part. But should he take it and play yet another bald bad guy? That's another question, and one that still hasn't been answered despite consistent rumors that he has the part.

That doesn't mean it's not fun to watch this version of it, though, especially since it gives what's probably an accurate look at Affleck's Batman in the Batcave-- draped in shadow, looking over his shoulder and spotting the Batsuit, waiting. The first look at Affleck actually inside the Batsuit will be hugely hyped and scrutinized, but there are plenty of Photoshop jobs out there to entertain us in the meantime. And, sadly, it's still a long wait before we get there-- Batman vs. Superman isn't due until July 17 of 2015. We should have confirmation about who's playing Lex Luthor, and whatever other iconic characters make it into the film, much sooner than that at least.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend