Watch Hugh Jackman Epicly Fail With A Sword In Hilarious Pan Bloopers

Despite portraying Blackbeard in the upcoming film Pan, Hugh Jackman’s actual personality seems more akin to the boy who never grew up than a villainous pirate. The actor recently released quick blooper from the production of the film, and in just a few seconds it cannot help but incite laughter. Check the clip out below.

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Released on the actor’s Instagram account, the blooper shows Jackman’s pirate captain trying to slice his way through a cloth screen – with less than desirable results. What should be a menacing, fear-inducing moment turns into a joke when the actor finally stumbles through the screen, towards the camera, and lets out a sly grin followed by boisterous laughter. You would think that given the fact that the actor’s career was built upon his skills as a character that excels at slicing things up, Jackman would have a little more practice at this sort of thing. Not much can be gleaned about the plot of the film from this quick clip, other than the fact that Blackbeard will angrily chase a character at some point – although none of us would ever consider that information a revelation, he is the villain after all.

Jackman has become the sort of celebrity who excels at this type of stuff. This Instagram post further exemplifies the notion that he has a knack for openness with his fans. The Australian actor regularly engages them on social media to open up a dialogue, as well as keep them informed on any news regarding his projects – a trait shared by fellow superhero Stephen Amell. Earlier this Summer, Jackman even took to Twitter to ask his fans what sort of story they would like to see adapted for his final outing as iconic X-Man Wolverine. Also, he took part in a tear-jerking Make-A-Wish project last month when he surprised a young fan in Australia during a radio show. These signs of compassion and humility have become essential towards maintaining one’s status as a beloved celebrity these days, and Jackman manages to do all of it effortlessly.

Given that origin stories have become incredibly popular in Hollywood over the last few decades, Pan chronicles the beginnings of young hero Peter Pan. The film also stars Garrett Hedlund, Rooney Mara, Cara Delevingne and Amanda Seyfried, and will hit theaters on October 9. We’re hoping Blackbeard has an easier time slice through that obstacle in the actual theatrical release of the film.

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