Watch Kristen Wiig Have Sex With Jon Hamm In New Bridesmaids Trailer

Here’s a new, red band trailer for Bridesmaids. It’s not just any old red band trailer, I’m pretty sure it’s the first red band trailer I’ve ever seen that seems specifically crafted to appeal to women.

Normally any respectable red band trailer is a heady mess of untold perversions, boobs, drug use, body secretions, and unnecessary swearing. In other words, everything good Christian women don’t really care about seeing in their movies. But Bridesmaids is a bachelorette party movie and, if it’s going to have an audience, a lot of that audience is going to have to be female. But it’s also a rated-R raunch comedy and, believe it or not, this red band trailer finds a way to make it seem an honest to god R-rated chick flick. The music is pure Monster In-Law the cursing is unadulterated Judd Apatow. Watch:

Josh Tyler