Watch This Little Girl Experience The Tragic Lion King Death For The First Time

There’s nothing quite like watching the death of Mufasa in The Lion King for the first time. Maybe we know the film is based on Hamlet, maybe we just think it’s going to be a classic kid-friendly Disney movie. Whatever the case, this moment has marked us for life. All those dormant feelings we had pushed back into the far recesses of our mind inch forward as we watch this little girl tear up over the scene.

A father decided it was a good idea to film his young daughter as she let her emotions spill out while watching The Lion King. She tries to keep it together, even after her dad asks if she’s crying. But when she’s offered a hug, she can’t turn it down. I’m sure we could all use a hug right about now.

Sadness. Despair. Betrayal. Anguish. These are the emotions that typically surface when watching Mufasa draw his last breath. After Scar drops the king of Pride Rock into the wildebeest stampede, he’s trampled to death. Do you remember how you felt after seeing the young Simba try to nudge his father awake? If not, just take a look at this young girl. You can probably see yourself reflected in the tears trickling down her face. In fact, let’s watch it that scene right now and see how long it takes us to break down.

The death of Mufasa has a massive impact on most viewers, but is it the one emotional movie moment from your childhood that you’ll always remember? Just in terms of Disney movies, there are a ton of tearjerkers. How about the tragic shooting of Bambi’s mother as the young fawn is left alone out in the cold? Does that make you tear up? Then there’s the death of the fox’s mom in The Fox and the Hound. Are you bawling yet? Remember that time Shadow was content with dying in that mud pit in Homeward Bound? Oh no, we can feel the waterworks erupting. What about the movie Up? Like, the entire movie Up?

That’s it, we need something funny or adorable to liven up our spirits. Where are the adorable puppy GIFs when you need them? Oh wait…

pug puppy

Feel better? At least the little girl had her dad to cuddle after watching such an emotional scene.