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Remember that YouTube video of the dad who recorded his son in the car after a trip to the dentist, which left the child loopy and bewildered? Well, this video is like that, except the roles are a bit reversed here, as it's the son who's capturing his parents' reaction, and in this case, the "drug" they're on is Les Miserables, which has left them teary and emotional.

Russell Crowe tweeted the following video, which shows a woman and her husband crying in the car as they (try to) talk about seeing Les Miserables.

The caption for the video states that it was uploaded by Ryan and Kevin Ferguson of Long Island, New York. These two apparently decided to share their parents' reaction to the movie with the internet.

I'd be a complete hypocrite if I said I thought they were silly for reacting so strongly to the film, and a liar if I tried to claim that I didn't leave the theater wiping my eyes after seeing Les Mis, so there's no judgment on my end. But I admit, I laughed when the man said they'd been to funerals where they were less upset. There's nothing quite like the emotional purge some movies tend to induce and Les Miserables was a fine example of that. I think Anne Hathaway gets a sizable chunk of the credit there. I can't even think about her final scene in the film without getting sniffly.

And I'm now wondering if Ryan and Kevin have managed to capture their parents' reaction to Russell Crowe tweeting their video and helping it go viral.

On a related note, those who didn't get the "David after Dentist" reference mentioned in the first paragraph need to watch this video.

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