Last week’s holiday led to a lull in home entertainment releases, but this week we’re back on the horse, with a few great movies and TV programs fans will be able to watch in a variety of different formats. Read on to learn about some of July 9th’s best releases, and maybe even a few that may have slipped under your radar.

Spring Breakers Blu-ray
In Spring Breakers, four girls escape the constricting lifestyle of their southern hometown to go on an unforgettable spring break road trip filled with alcohol, drugs, naked bodies, beach scenes and a rapper and gangster named Alien (James Franco). Directed by Harmony Korine, the narrative tells a story of realistic but untamed young women and men whose characters come together in a beautiful, surreal setting full of artistic intention.

Before Faith (Selena Gomez), Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Brit (Ashley Benson), and Cotty (Rachel Korine) can make their way to Florida to revel in a party-filled environment, they must get the cash to live their dream. The emboldened young women decide to rob a restaurant to get their funds, giving us a glimpse at a side that is wilder than the average college student normally displays. Later the girls party and live it up, but when they are introduced to the charismatic but intimidating Alien, he opens the girls up to possibilities beyond the their grasp.

Korine’s surreal vision is often melodic, even when it implements techno music and shots of guys knocking back alcohol or girls ripping off their tops to propel the plot forward. With its dreamy pace and dreamier cinematography, the movie gives viewers enough of a break from reality that they can invest in the film’s bad girls and gangster characters. After all, Alien may threaten individuals with guns, but he also likes to play a goofy white piano right by the ocean. The girls may have robbed a restaurant with squirt guns, but they still love to sing Britney Spears off-key.

The marketing for Spring Breakers certainly made it seem like a slew of party-friendly movies already on the market. However, while there were still plenty of assholes willing to get crunk or get naked on camera for the film, the movie’s focus is on four girls who are struggling to bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood and to determine exactly what sort of women they want to become along the way.

You can order Spring Breakers over at Amazon.

Best Special Feature: If you really want to get an in-depth look into the movie, you’ll want to check out the 3-part documentary aspect that looks at the cast and crew’s perspectives while shooting the film. Korine and Franco both like to talk about the artistic nature of the film, while poor Selena Gomez keeps apologizing to her younger fans for being a part of a wild, R-rated flick. Most of the extras with this set are engaging, but the “Breaking it Down: Behind Spring Breakers” documentary really allows fans to see how the movie came together.

Other Special Features:
Deleted Scenes/Outtakes
“Harmony’s Ear Candy—A Deeper Look at the Music Score”
Vice Featurettes
Audio Commentary with writer/ director Harmony Korine
Theatrical Trailer/ TV Sports

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