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While Jurassic World is, so far, the biggest hit of the year; we can’t help but wonder what it would have been like if it was released a couple decades earlier. Now, thanks to one especially creative YouTuber, we have a trailer for an alternate version of the film that does just that. Prepare for some retro themed goodness, and watch the trailer below.

YouTube channel Chief Brody Rules is to thank for this glorious mash-up of actual footage from both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, as well as a metric ton of 70’s Sci-Fi classics such as The Omega Man, Jaws, and – most notably - Westworld. If you thought Jurassic World was thrilling with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas-Howard, wait until you’ve seen it with Michael Caine and Raquel Welch!

Judging by the action in the trailer, Caine would be replacing Pratt as Owen Grady, with Welch taking over as Dallas-Howard’s Claire Dearing character. Of course, with a 1970’s version of Jurassic World, there would have to be some alterations made to the story’s content. In the mock trailer for the 1978 version, the film leans more on the technical difficulties aspect that Jurassic Park itself would use less than 20 years later. Also, it’s safe to assume that Charlton Heston’s role in this trailer would conflate Vic Hoskins and Dr. Henry Wu into one, scientifically driven madman, who wants nothing more than to create a creature more awesome than humanity.

Story changes aside, it’s amazing how the 1978 Jurassic World trailer reflects the era of filmmaking it would have existed in, while at the same time keeping some of the key beats of the franchise proper. While it’s easy to spot the difference between the more modern films and those with some more years on the clock, it’s not all that hard to let go of nitpicking and enjoy the film that could have been. You’d have to imagine that instead of the Indominous Rex and the Tyrannosaurus Rex fighting it out in the finale, it’d be Heston and Caine resorting to fisticuffs – fighting for and against humanity’s right to play God with prehistoric creatures.

Perhaps the greatest difference between the 1978 and 2015 versions of Jurassic World would be, of course, the tone of the two films. While the 2015 version reflects the blockbuster mentality of our recent era, especially with its inclusion of child characters; the 1978 version of the film would be one of the darker, more brooding science fiction films that the 70’s loved to dish out. Staying true to his genre reputation, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the film’s climactic defeat would be Michael Caine sticking Charlton Heston in a Tyrannosaur enclosure, watching with a look of grim determination as Heston was devoured by the creature he valued above his own species. With evil dispatched, and Welch by his side, the two would share a passionate kiss in front of the visitor’s center, and the film would close on a romantic – yet ominous – note. Coming soon in 1979: Return To Jurassic World!

The actual Jurassic World will be available on DVD and Blu Ray this Tuesday, with the Digital HD version already available for rent and purchase. 1978’s Jurassic World exists in the same alternate dimension as Back To The Future starring Eric Stolz, so take that as you may.

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