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What Muggsy Bogues Thinks Of Making Space Jam 2

It’s not clear at exactly what point in history the feature-length Nike commercial that was Space Jam became some sort of cult classic. What is clear is that it happened, because the idea that there might be a Space Jam 2 is being met with some of the same terror that the internet usually reserves for female Ghostbusters. Now even the basketball players that you forgot were in the film are chiming in on the topic, as Muggsy Bogues doesn’t think they should make a sequel.

There has been talk for quite some time that a Space Jam sequel might be in the works, starring current NBA superstar Lebron James. Some have difficulty seeing a sequel being made and according to For The Win (opens in new tab), Bogues is one of them.

I can’t see them making another one. It wouldn’t have the same appeal. It just wouldn’t have that same flavor. It just doesn’t have that same flavor to it. And I know Michael wouldn’t do the sequel, so I don’t know how they would do it. Sometimes I think it’s just best to leave it alone.

While Lebron James, who would be the rumored star if a sequel happens, is certainly not Michael Jordan, it's hard to say they couldn't have the same flavor. It also not clear if Michael would even be wanted for a sequel. The plot of the original film was fairly contrived to begin with, so the fact that they would need to contrive a reason for a sequel should not be a significant issue.

The original Space Jam was a fun, if silly, movie in which Bugs Bunny and the Loony Tunes go to Michael Jordan for help in dealing with an alien threat. When it is decided that the two sides will compete against each other in a basketball game, the aliens, the Monstars, use a magic basketball to steal the playing ability of some other NBA greats. You probably remember Charles Barkley was one of them. You probably don’t remember that Muggsy Bogues was, too. For the most part, the players spend the film acting exhausted after their ability has been taken away.

While the Space Jam 2 rumors have been around for quite some time, they kicked into high gear this past summer after Lebron James signed a deal with Warner Brothers. They were the original studio behind Space Jam and James, who received strong critical praise coming off his role in Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck was apparently looking to do more movies. While James has been very open about his interest in doing the movie, no official plans have been announced.

The world will likely not change in any drastic way whether or not a new Space Jam is made. Having said that they could do much worse that Lebron James who has at least shown he has some natural talent for acting as well as basketball. If the movie ever does come it will probably be mindless fun like the first one. Maybe they’ll even find a cameo for Muggsy Bogues.

Dirk Libbey
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