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Winning the Academy Award must be a thrilling experience. For an actor, it’s the top prize to receive as recognition for your work. We’d have to imagine that it has to be the most wonderful, magical experience, like a dream coming true. Unless you’re Jennifer Lawrence. In that case winning the Oscar was less dream and more nightmare.

Jennifer Lawrence won the Best Actress Oscar in 2013 for Silver Linings Playbook. Speaking about the experience on the Graham Norton Show, Lawrence says that there was some sort of issue with birth control, pills we’re assuming, which led to her hormones being completely out of whack on the night of the awards. Add to the mix the emotional experience of winning the award, and Lawrence apparently went slightly bonkers.
The night I won my [Oscar] … I don’t want to talk about that night. I had a whole meltdown. … I was hormonal. I fell on my face. I forgot to thank the director. So, I was just like ‘What does it all mean?! Nothing!’ I came home crying, and then my friend ordered the wrong pizza. It wasn’t thin crust; it was thick crust. I was just like [bawling].

So to call it an emotional night would be something of an understatement. Lawrence did trip as she tried to walk up the steps to receive her award. We wouldn’t say she fell on her face, but she certainly took a tumble. Forgetting to thank somebody is always a worrying possibility. Although, if you watch the speech, you’ll see that Lawrence is in complete shock so it’s a wonder she remembered anybody’s name. The good news is that it doesn’t appear that David O. Russell held it against her, as he’s gone on to cast the actress in both of the movies that he’s directed since.

We’re going to give her a total pass on the pizza though. That is worth flipping out for. Pizza is far too important to just leave to people’s whims. The wrong crust completely changes the pizza; it’s barely the same food at that point. Who are these friends of hers anyway? Check out the full interview clip below, where she’s joined by Eddie Redmayne, who has his own entertaining awards show stories as well.

Lawrence’s role in David O. Russell’s current movie, Joy certainly has Academy Award potential, so she may get another shot at a much better Oscar night this year.
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