Why Thor Should Beat Hulk In Thor: Ragnarok

Even outside of the Avengers movies, Marvel has found opportunities to pair heroes together. Captain America: The Winter Solider saw Steve Rogers joining forces with Black Widow and Falcon, Scott Lang took on Falcon in Ant-Man, and in 2017, Thor: Ragnarok will have Thor and Hulk back together. It’s unclear how these two will cross paths again, but when two of the strongest characters in the MCU together, the chances of a brawl increase, and should that happen, Chris Hemsworth thinks that Thor will be the one to come out on top.

Like Mark Ruffalo, Hemsworth believes that at some point in the movie the God of Thunder and the Green Goliath will come to blows, but this time around, Thor should be the victor. He told NY Daily News:

I'd like to think I let him win last time, but because this movie is called Thor, I have to win this time.

The last time Thor and Hulk threw down was in 2012’s The Avengers. When Banner unwillingly transformed into Hulk aboard the Helicarrier, Thor went to deal with his rampage, and while he did score a few blows, the fight never reached a proper conclusion since Hulk was lured off the aircraft. Hulk later scored a sucker punch on Thor after they defeated some Chitauri soldiers during the Battle of New York. It was a cheap shot, but funny. Since these two have been allies for years now, presumably a fight between them in Thor: Ragnarok will emerge from one or both of not being in their right mind.

Beyond an epic showdown, Hemsworth also said he's looking forward to more dialogue between Thor and Bruce Banner/Hulk in the 2017 blockbuster, noting that the two heroes haven’t spent much time together on the big screen. As he put it:

I hope it's a Butch Cassidy (and the Sundance Kid) sort of story. That would be fun. I love Mark. I think those two characters haven't spent a whole lot of time talking to each other on screen (so far in the Marvel movies), so it's something new, I think it would bring something different out of the characters.

The last time we saw these two was at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Thor returned to Asgard to investigate the Infinity Stones and his prophetic vision, the latter foreshadowing the apocalyptic Ragnarok. Meanwhile, deciding to exile himself from this teammates, Hulk headed off to parts unknown after his Quintet crashed near Fiji. As the only two Avengers not taking part in Captain America: Civil War next year, it makes sense for them to team up, and with their combined might, hopefully they’ll be able defeat whoever the main antagonist winds up being, though preventing Asgard’s destruction might prove more difficult.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3, 2017.

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