If day one of Comic-Con is a bit awkward as the newbies are being initiated into the fold and the veterans are preparing to nosedive back into the pool of chaotic nerdiness, day two is full on Comic-Con, any last stragglers be damned. There’s more people in costume. There’s more high profile panels, and there’s more unabashed geekiness everywhere. It is the unabashed Comic-Con so many people know and love, and from an outside perspective, it can be a bit jarring. Luckily, since people in novelty costumes are arguably the least dangerous demographic in the entire world, there's really not a whole lot to be concerned about.

During the times Cinema Blend team members weren’t liveblogging panels, they wandered around with cameras to catch some of the zany energy and some of the displays. What follows are some of the images they found the most interesting. From raptors to animal hats, the sights were numerous.

You can check out some of the better pictures in the gallery below…

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