Wolverine's Got Milk

This may be the strangest ad campaign in the history of strange cow propaganda. The people at Body By Milk have decided to make Wolverine their latest in a long line of celebrity spokesmen. Unfortunately they seem to have forgotten one key detail: Wolverine doesn’t have any fucking calcium in his fucking bones! They’re made of Adamantium! That’s sort of central to the character. I'm pretty sure Milk doesn't strengthen metal. Is no one immune to the iron grip of America's Milk Council?

The pitchman choice is justified by a spiel claiming Milk is good for muscle which, I guess I’d never considered. Thanks for educating me on that Hugh Jackman, but I’ll stick to building up my pecs by eating heaping handfuls of steak tartare. I prefer my cows raw and potentially fatal. Here’s Logan’s weird Got Milk? poster:

Josh Tyler