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X-Files 2 Poster?

Something which appears to be the first poster for X-Files 2 has popped up online. It’s circulating all over the net, and while almost no one is bothering to credit their source for it (as traffic greedy bloggers so rarely bother to do), it appears to have originated on a site called They in turn claim to have gotten from a Fox owned website at One problem though, right now that’s a dead link. There’s no site there.

I guess what I’m getting at here is that I wouldn’t assume this thing is absolutely for real until Fox comes right out and says it is. We’ve had so much disinformation circulated about this movie over the past few weeks, that it’s probably wise to take a page from the show and trust no one.

Assuming for a minute though that the poster below is real, I love it. It looks great. Perfect idea for a teaser poster. But then when your symbol is the letter X, it’s pretty easy to come up with cool poster art. It’s amazing that the X-Men movies didn’t have better one sheets than they did. Here’s the X-Files 2 poster: