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Zorro To Get The Reboot Treatment, Writers Hired To Pen Script

If you were to walk into my childhood home and inspect all the walls that haven't been painted over in the years since I left, chances are that you would find at least one or two "Z's" drawn on the wall. It was a habit that my parents absolutely hated (and, in retrospect, with good reason) but I couldn't help myself: I was simply too big a fan of Zorro to stop myself. An avid watcher of the series from the early 90s, I would run around my house with a make-shift mask and a long pencil, leaving my mark where ever I felt it was needed.

The point I'm getting at is that Zorro is a fun and timeless character will undoubtedly be brought back again and again for the rest of time. How can I prove that? They're rebooting the movie series. Deadline reports that Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia have been hired by Sony Pictures to write a new start for Spanish vigilante. The project will not be a remake of the 1998 Martin Campbell film The Mask of Zorro, but will instead follow the character’s origin. Federman and Scaia are largely known for their television work, having written on shows like Jericho, Warehouse 13 and Human Target.

This project does actually make a lot of sense. While the sequel to the 1998 movie, The Legend of Zorro, was denounced by critics and only managed to make $46 million during its domestic run, the movie was an international hit, bringing in $95 million on a $75 million budget. Obviously there’s enough interest – at least abroad – to fuel the project, but who would you like to see donning the domino mask and black cape? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Eric Eisenberg

NJ native who calls LA home; lives in a Dreamatorium. A decade-plus CinemaBlend veteran; endlessly enthusiastic about the career he’s dreamt of since seventh grade.