The New Avengers Exhibit Puts You In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has no shortage of material to work with. Spanning 13 films, there are dozens of characters, costumes, and props to fill up a sizeable chunk of a warehouse. It seems a shame to just leave all that stuff to gather dust when some people would be dying to get a look at Captain America's costume or Hawkeye's bow. Well, someone went ahead and did just that! The Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. exhibit is an interactive tour of the MCU, where you can get a look at your favorite Avengers costumes, learn trivia, and play some games. The exhibit features a lineup of cool things from Phase 1 and Phase 2 and is located in Las Vegas. Finally, there's something to do in Vegas.

The folks over at Gizmodo were able to get a tour of the exhibit with the guys who built it. They've posted a video of the tour on Facebook and it's worth the watch if you've got a spare 30 minutes. I will, however, provide a summary of the video and what you can expect to see. The Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. exhibit in Vegas is an updated version of the one that used to be in New York City, which I got the chance to see in person. I can tell you that the Vegas version has a lot of new stuff, but the layout and content are still very similar the New York location.

The tour of the exhibit is framed as if you're a new Agent assigned to look after the place; you even get an I.D. card with your picture on it. The exhibit is made of several rooms that are themed after a single Avenger (so a Cap room, a Hulk room, etc.). There are interactive games and screens that you can play with, and costumes and props are put on display. For example, the Hulk room has a wall with a Hulk shaped hole and a game that shows the effect of Hulking out on the brain. Everything is based on real science and teaching, so it's very kid-friendly. You can find costumes and props for every Avenger, plus Nick Fury, Maria Hill, and Coulson. They are very detailed and you can usually get some cool trivia out of it.

Based on Gizmodo's video, a lot of things are still the same from the New York version, but there are some notable and cool additions that fans of the MCU should appreciate. A really awesome addition is that you can try to lift Thor's hammer, which is held down by an electromagnet. It's basically a Sword in the Stone game and the lucky few who can lift it will be deemed worthy. There's one section that has projected ants that form arrows for you to follow and then scatter when you walk by them. You can also find Ant-Man's helmet on display and the Vision's cradle. Nobody but me will care about this, but the Hulk room has the fabled spectrometers that power on when you interact with it. Finally, and quite possibly the best part of the exhibit is the Iron Man room, which features the Hall of Armor. You can look at real displays of every major armor Tony Stark was worn, culminating in a massive replica of the Hulkbuster

The Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. exhibit is officially open so, if you're ever in Las Vegas with your kids, you might want to check it. If you're not with your kids, then stop by if you get bored of gambling or seeing shows.

Matt Wood

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