Here we are, creeping up on the end of June. 2016 is almost exactly half over, which means there have been a lot of movies that came out. A review of the first six months of the year shows us that there have been some big box office successes, like Captain America: Civil War and Zootopia. There have also been some pretty big flops, like Warcraft, and the recent Independence Day: Resurgence. This story is not about any of these films.

Instead, we're here to talk about the other movies. The ones that, for whatever reason, just didn't really stick with us. Some of these movies were good. Some were bad. Some of them were profitable, some not so much. They were here, and then they were gone, and it all happened so fast that you didn't really notice.

The Boss

Domestic Box Office:\__$63,077,560

Tomatometer:\__ 22%

Melissa McCarthy is many things, but quiet usually isn't one of them. Yet her most recent solo effort was in theaters and instantly gone without much of an impact. With its modest budget and decent box office take, The Boss would have to qualify as a success, even if critics almost universally panned it. Still, we're likely to remember McCarthy's cameo in a recent summer movie before we remember this one. With the Ghostbusters reboot set for release in a couple of weeks, it's safe to bet that McCarthy will have at least one movie this year that won't be forgotten soon, whatever happens.

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