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The Flash has been one of DC's most important characters for decades, but it's only now that he's finally getting significant attention on the big screen. Ezra Miller's Barry Allen cameoed earlier this year in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and will fully debut in Justice League. Then he'll lead his own movie in 2018, giving fans their second, modern live action look at his life, the other being the CW TV series, assuming it's still on by then.

Aside from Miller obviously returning, the only other folks connected to The Flash have been Kiersey Clemons being eyed to play his love interest, presumably Iris West, and Ray Fisher rumored to appear as Cyborg. A rumored list of the main players also hit the web back in April, but aside from Iris' likely involvement, that information hasn't been verified. It's a good bet that before the year is finished, we'll find out who most of the main players are, but until then, we've gathered seven other key Flash characters (leaving out allies of his from elsewhere in the DC universe) who would be great fits for the Scarlet Speedster's first solo cinematic adventure.

Professor Zoom

Some of the best villains are twisted reflections of their respective heroes. In Barry Allen's case, it's Eobard Thawne, a.k.a. Professor Zoom, a.k.a. one of the Reverse-Flashes. Eobard grew up idolizing Flash in the 25th century, going so far as to recreate the same accident that gave him his speed. However, when Eobard traveled back in time to meet his hero, he learned he was destined to become his worst enemy, and when his sanity snapped, he spent his life terrorizing Flash. That rumored cast listed described Eobard as the head of Thawne who suffers from a degenerative disease that's confined him to a wheelchair. That sounds too similar to what The Flash TV series is doing, so hopefully they don't go that route. However, Eobard would definitely make a great main antagonist in The Flash, giving Barry a run for his money (pun completely intended) as he seeks revenge against Barry for something the young speedster hasn't even done...yet. However, if the DCEU wants to pace how they use Professor Zoom, they could introduce him in the first movie, but not fully reveal him as a villain until the sequel.

Patty Spivot

Just like his comic book and TV counterparts, the DCEU's Barry Allen is a CSI tech at the Central City Police Department. So when he's not running around fighting bad guys, he's using science to solve crimes. If the concept art released is any indication, the movie will be dedicating a decent amount of time to Barry at his day job, so while he's at the lab, we'll likely meet his co-workers, including, hopefully, Patty Spivot. Although introduced in 1977, Patty has had a more prominent role over the last decade as the CCPD's top blood analyst. If there's a murder in the movie, you can bet she'll be involved with cracking the case. She's also been one of Barry's romantic interests, but because The Flash already seems to have Iris West for that role, there's no need to add a love triangle to the mix by having Patty be interested in him.

Darryl Frye

Darryl Frye has been part of the Flash mythos since 1980, but his importance in the New 52 beyond just being the Central City Police Department's captain. After Barry Allen's mother was killed his his father was wrongly sent to prison, Darryl raised him. Even though he's now Barry's boss at the CCPD, he still deeply cares about him. Joe West fills the foster father role on The Flash TV series, but for the movie, it would be great if Frye was reinstated as Barry's superior and former legal guardian. He can serve as Barry's mentor, whether directly by knowing he is Flash or indirectly by helping Barry out with a problem without being in on his employee/adoptive son's secret. Of course, if the full strength of the CCPD is also required at some point during the movie, Frye will have to rally his officers and lead the charge.

Captain Cold

Depending on who you ask, Captain Cold is either Flash's greatest adversary or comes extremely close. Leonard Snart lived his entire adult life as a criminal, but when Flash showed up, he knew he had to up his game. He subsequently stole a cyclotron and fitted it into his experimental gun, and the result was it freezing anything in its path. He's since been one of the sharpest thorns in Flash's side, but the previously mentioned character list described him as being Thawne's "muscle." That's not the way to with him. Cold may not be a scientific genius but he's not stupid or someone merely used for brute force. He's cool (also intentional), he's calculating and he's a good leader. He would make a great main antagonist in case the movie doesn't go with Professor Zoom (or supporting villain, if done right), but it's important that Cold is imprisoned when defeated rather than killed. He needs to escape in the second or third movie to form The Rogues, and when he's leading a whole group of super criminals, that's when he shines brightest.

Tina McGee

Tina McGee was introduced in the late '80s as a scientist who studied Wally West's metabolism, which was amped up thanks to his super speed. Years later, she joined S.T.A.R. Labs with her husband Jerry, and for the rest of Wally's career as the Scarlet Speedster pre-New 52, she was one of his key allies. Tina was played by Amanda Pays in the short-lived 1990 Flash TV series, and Pays now recurs as a different version of the character in The CW's Flash series (as seen above). Even though Barry Allen is the DCEU's Flash rather than Wally, it would be a good idea for Tina to serve as this universe's main S.T.A.R. Labs representative. The organization was already established in Man of Steel via Dr. Emil Hamilton. Barry may be a smart guy, but eventually he'll need special resources or technology for one of his adventures, and Tina can be the person to help him out.

Jay Garrick

Introduced in 1940, Jay Garrick was the first Flash, running around 16 years before Barry Allen appeared on the printed page. However, just like with Wally West, it's doubtful we'll ever see Jay as a Flash in the DCEU, as they don't want to take attention from Barry Allen. The April character list labeled Jay as a Central City scientist professor who was fired for studying the Speed Force, and honestly, we'd be on board with something like that. If he can't don the silver helmet and red shirt, then give him a connection to the extra dimensional energy that powers all speedsters, no matter what universe they're from. He could even be one of the scientists at S.T.A.R. Labs who is studying Flash, like Tina McGee. Who knows, maybe he could even temporarily gain speed during the movie, just as long as he doesn't overshadow the main hero.


Suicide Squad hits theaters next month, and one of its principal players is Jai Courtney's Boomerang, one of the many super villains forced by Amanda Waller to go on a dangerous mission. Assuming that he makes it out of the movie alive, it would be cool to see him cameo at the beginning of The Flash movie. Captain Boomerang may be one of the longest-serving Suicide Squad members in the comics, but he's arguably more famous for being a prominent member of Flash's rogues gallery. That said, let's not forget that this is a guy who throws boomerangs in his escapades. Obviously he's not main villain material, but much like how Avengers: Age of Ultron began with Earth's Mightiest Heroes capturing Baron Strucker, The Flash could begin with the Fastest Man Alive foiling one of Boomerang's robberies and speed him to jail. A moment like that would add more DCEU synergy and give moviegoers more of them before a potential Suicide Squad 2.

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