The Star Wars 8 Wrap Party Got Funky And Sexy, According To Mark Hamill’s Video

It's official, Star Wars: Episode VIII has completed principal photography. So what do the hard working cast and crew do? They throw a big party, of course. Mark Hamill took some video of the Episode VIII wrap party and it looks like everybody had a fantastic time. This wasn't simply dinner and drinks for everybody who made the movie happen. They were also treated to a show that included some Stormtroopers we're guessing don't perform in the film.

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The dancing Stormtroopers recently made headlines overseas when they appeared on Britain's Got Talent. Apparently, the dance troupe, known as Boogie Storm, got noticed by the folks at Lucasfilm as well as they were invited to perform for the Star Wars: Episode VIII folks at the wrap party. Mark Hamill got some footage so the rest of us could check it out. It certainly sounds like they tore the house down. The dance movies would be impressive all on their own, when they're done in perfect replica Stormtrooper armor, they look all the more impressive.

The wrap party for Star Wars: Episode VIII happened right on schedule, as many will be leaving Pinewood Studios to head over to Star Wars Celebration which gets underway tomorrow. We're looking forward to hearing as many stories from the set as we can get our hands on. Hopefully, we'll also get some more footage from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as well as some good Episode VIII info, like a teaser trailer or at the very least, a title.

Regardless of how much actual information we get from Star Wars Celebration, we do expect to start to hear a lot more about Star Wars: Episode VIII going forward. Now that production has wrapped, the movie will begin its post-production work which means the movie will be going into many more hands. More people being involved means more people capable of leaking details, so the rumor mill should begin to flow.

If you liked what you saw of the dancing Stormtroopers, here's Boogie Storm's appearance on Britain's Got Talent. They won over the entire crowd, including that curmudgeon Simon Cowell. A portion of the routine is identical to what we see above.

If we hold to the idea that those that work hard, play hard, then this after party gives us an expectation that everybody on Star Wars: Episode VIII worked pretty hard to make the movie a success. We certainly can't wait to see it. Unfortunately we have no choice. Episode VIII will not be released until December of 2017. Patience.

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