Spider-Man: Homecoming Already Contains A Reference To The Amazing Spider-Man, Get The Details

With five previous Spider-Man movies in the last decade and a half, it's going to be virtually impossible for Spider-Man: Homecoming to avoid doing things as its predecessors did. The first day of filming showed us the first thing the movie has in common with another Spider-Man series. Midtown High School, the school that Peter Parker traditionally attends in the comics, will actually be a school focused on science in Homecoming , just as it was in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. just finished filming, which means Pinewood Studios in Atlanta is now available for the next chapter in the MCU, Spider-Man: Homecoming. The first images from that first day of shooting have surfaced online, thanks to Just Jared via CBM. In them, we see Tom Holland, as Peter Parker, in a sweatshirt that reads Midtown School of Science and Technology. Traditionally, Peter Parker has attended the simple Midtown High School, a school like any other. As part of their attempts to differentiate The Amazing Spider-Man films from those that came before, they changed the school to Midtown Science High School, one dedicated to those interested in the same field as Peter Parker. Without a real new direction to go here Spider-Man: Homecoming has elected to go the route of the previous films.


While it's difficult to say that the name of the school is any particular breakthrough, considering how little we know about Spider-Man: Homecoming at this point, it's difficult to say. What we do know is that the MCU Peter Parker still being a high school student was a key aspect of this new iteration of the character. All throughout the casting process and the buildup to Captain America: Civil War, following the deal with Sony that brought the wall-crawler back to Marvel, it was talked about how this new Peter was going to be a teenager, a high school student, not a college student. From that perspective, we have to assume that the decisions made regarding the school are all made carefully. Will it, being a science-focused school, give Peter access to things he will need in the story? Will he be picked on less than is traditionally shown because everybody in the school is also a science nerd? Probably not.

In addition to Tom Holland being seen on the high school set, his co-stars Tony Revolori and Zendaya were also seen alongside the lead. As with the rest of the announced cast, we have no idea who they're playing beyond, based on their age, other high school students. So, we suppose seeing them here technically counts as confirming that.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is set for release in July of 2017. We expect more details about the film will slowly be unveiled as filming continues. Watch this space for more news.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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