What The Lost Boys From Steven Spielberg’s Hook Look Like Now

Steven Spielberg's adult Peter Pan movie, Hook, is not exactly remembered as one of the director's great masterpieces. However, over the last couple of decades it has gained a following, and on its 25th anniversary, the lost boys came back together to remember it. They've certainly grown up, though they were nice enough to get dressed up once again to look like their Neverland counterparts, just in case you don't recognize them.

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Eight of the lost boys from the Robin Williams-starring Hook came together to recreate this image from the promotional material for the film. The reunion was put together by the production company 22 Vision who, you might remember, did a similar thing with The Little Rascals a couple of years ago. In addition to this group, several of the other young cast members who were not in this particular image were part of the reunion. They too reenact shots from the film as adults. All of the images are available on the company's Facebook page. 25 years after the fact even the youngest of the lost boys are now grown men, and it's more than a little shocking to actually see. Now, we understand why the lost boys didn't want to grow up, it just doesn't look right.

Hook told the story of an adult Peter Pan, who had spent so much time away from Neverland that he had actually forgotten who he really was. The kidnapping of Peter's children by Captain Hook, played by Dustin Hoffman, and by far, the highlight of the film, sends Peter back to Neverland, where the lost boys must teach him how to be Peter Pan again. The film also co-starred Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell and Bob Hoskins as Smee. It was fairly universally panned back in 1991, but looking back, it's not that bad, is it?

Several of the young actors have continued to act regularly, but others have not been active in the profession for many years. It must be more than a little odd to be part of something when you're a kid that's still around today. Simply by virtue of the fact that Hook was directed by Steven Spielberg, and starred the late Robin Williams, it's one of those movies that will never completely leave the popular culture discussion. Whether you think the movie is good, bad, or so bad it's good. we could very easily see this picture done again by middle-aged men in another 25 years.

What's your honest opinion of Hook? Is it a better movie than it gets credit for? Let us know in the comments.

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