Spider-Man: Homecoming Photo Keeps Its Hero In The Shadows

Spider-Man Homecoming is currently in production, bringing to life the third big screen incarnation of Peter Parker in meticulous and exciting detail. It comes as no surprise to anyone that fans are at a fever pitch of anticipation for Jon Watts' entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the character has already been brought to vibrant life by actor Tom Holland in Captain America: Civil War. Judging by this new photo from the set, things are about to get a little more exciting in the world of New York's friendly neighborhood web-slinger.

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This latest look at Spider-Man: Homecoming comes from the man himself, Tom Holland, as he snapped a photo on the film's set and posted it to his Instagram account. It's to be assumed that either George J. Cottle or one of his trained stunt professionals is the figure on display here, with the message showing Holland's gratitude to their work as the more physically demanding part of Spider-Man's life. Of course, looking at the big picture, we can begin to theorize more about what we'll be seeing in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Our setting is a close quarters alleyway, which has the usual look and feel of New York City's tighter corners. Now this could be anything from an intimate rendezvous with Mary Jane Watson, to a spectacular "hallway fight" style action sequence that pits Peter Parker against some really bad dudes. For all we know, this shot could have come after some simple test shots of Spidey jumping from perch to perch in extremely agile fashion. The imagination runs wild when we're not told exactly what to expect, and it couldn't be running any faster than it is right now.

Though there is another aspect of this photo that we admire, and it's the fact that the set is a very practical looking locale. While the black and white nature of the photo could be obscuring any sort of supplementary green screen presence in the frame, it still looks like a mostly practical set. This knowledge has us really hoping that this is indeed a fight sequence, as the actual space being used looks like it could lend itself to a pretty spectacular battle in Spider-Man: Homecoming.


A little under a year is all that separates us from the high-flying world of Peter Parker, and there will undoubtedly be more teases and hints towards what we'll be seeing in Spider-Man: Homecoming in the future. While some of the greater details are still a mystery, everything that we've seen so far has us confident that the latest Spider-Man film could bring the franchise back to that former glory it once saw under Sam Raimi. We reserve our judgement until the film finds itself in front of our eager eyes on July 7, 2017.

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