Captain America: Civil War With Extra Censoring Is Hilarious, Watch It Now

If Deadpool is the most foul mouthed superhero, the award for cleanest vocabulary would probably go to all around good guy Captain America. But while Steve Rogers is officially known as someone who looks down upon such language, that doesn't mean fans haven't imagined what it would be like if he forgot the rules and swore up a storm. Case in point is this new video that not only implies some profanities were uttered during Captain America: Civil War, but that some choice nudity was also involved. Prepare for the version of this year's biggest film that ''they'' didn't want you to see in theaters.

YouTube channel Daily Asgardian News took it upon themselves to create a version of Captain America: Civil War that almost sounds like it was written for a more adult audience. Under this new version, Bucky has more than a metal arm to brag about, Hawkeye and Black Widow's romantic tension finally pays off, and everybody sounds like their dialogue belongs in a Frank Miller book. So needless to say, this version of Steve Rogers' presumably last adventure as Captain America would be more at home at a studio that isn't affiliated with Disney.

Perhaps the funniest parts of this Captain America: Civil War creation are the ones that aren't edited. While the third Captain America film is still a very PG-13 affair, there are some moments that kind of skate over people's heads, such as Ant-Man's line about having something very big that he could hold, but not for long. Then there's one of the flat out profanities that truly existed in Captain America: Civil War, as Scott Lang's transformation into Giant Man generated a very appropriate ''Holy shit!'' out of Peter Parker during the fantastic airport set-piece that ties the whole film together.

So long as Disney is in charge of all Marvel Studios films, the chances of an actual R-rated film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are pretty much non-existent. To be completely honest, the MCU really doesn't need such a gimmick, as the storytelling aspect is what really sells Marvel Studios' stable of comic-book films. If fans really want a hardcore approach to their comics, there are plenty of other sources to go to, so it's not like this ever present reality is stifling the creative process in any way. Then again, who let the truth get in the way of a good joke?

Captain America: Civil War battles its way onto home video on September 13th.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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