Let's face it, the summer blockbuster season has been a bust. Almost everything after Captain America: Civil War has disappointed (outside of the random The Nice Guys or Star Trek Beyond), so we have been looking ahead to the next few months to pull us out of our cinematic doldrums.

The Toronto International Film Festival is an annual tradition for Team CinemaBlend, for various reasons. The programming, from top to bottom, is unrivaled. And being in TIFF for 10 days allows us to get an enormous leg up on the Oscar race, to which we pay very close attention from now until the end of the year. There are far too many incredible films playing in the numerous sub-sections of Toronto's massive slate. So I'm taking a laser focus to their calendar and pulling out the 11 films that I believe will emerge from TIFF with that valuable -- and ever elusive -- Oscar buzz.

Which of these movies are you most excited about seeing?

La La Land

Based on the talent he showed with the searing and terrifying Whiplash, we'd stand in line for days to see anything that director Damien Chazelle delivered. But when you tell us that it's a musical starring classic talents (and silver screen beauties) Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, and we are over the moon with anticipation. The duo play struggling artists trying to make it in Los Angeles, and the reviews forLa La Land out of Venice and Telluride over the Labor Day weekend were pure bliss. This one's a guaranteed hit, and now we're waiting to gauge its Oscar chances. Could this be the new The Artist... a sure-fire Best Picture winner?

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