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The remake of The Crow has been in development hell for so long that we never expected it would escape. However, it appears a crow has arrived to fly this one back to the mortal world. Not only does The Crow remake appear to be actually moving forward, it appears to be doing so with more speed than we ever expected. The film is looking to begin production this January.

The Crow

The Crow remake was becoming one of those movie projects that was simply never going to happen. The production company had actually gone bankrupt over the course of their attempts to make the movie happen. Legal fights over the rights to The Crow itself likely didn't help their financial matters any. However, now The Wrap is reporting that the studio expects to begin to work on the film as soon as this January. Could this movie actually make it to the screen?

It has been six years since Relativity Media began working on a remake of the Brandon Lee action movie The Crow, in that time the film has gone through at least four directors and even more potential lead actors. Everybody from Mark Wahlberg to Tom Hiddleston has had their name attached to the film and actors like Jack Huston and Luke Evans were actually signed to play the part, until perpetual delays made them unable to do so. Recently, the newest actor signed on for The Crow is Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa. Normally, we wouldn't be giving this news any more credence than any of other decisions, but, now that Relativity Media is working its way out of bankruptcy, it looks like they're trying to fast-track production to get The Crow in theaters as quickly as possible.

In addition to Jason Momoa in the lead, Colin Hardy is the most recent director to agree to helm the project. For what it's worth, the two appear pumped up and ready to get started. They've also got solid taste in beer.

If there a plus side to the long delays it's that it has put several more years between the remake and the original film starring Brandon Lee. Lee's death on the set of The Crow was a shocking moment in 1994 that likely helped turn the film into a cult hit. The idea of any other actor taking on the role after that seemed impossible to many fans.

Are you excited to see a remake of The Crow finally on the way? Let us now your thoughts in the comments below.

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