Adam Sandler Product Placement Video Makes His Career Look Like A Series Of Ads

Product placement is something that exists in just about every movie that isn't set at least 50 years in the past. Sometimes it can be a subtle thing - like the car a character drives - and sometimes it can be as obvious as Superman crashing through an I-Hop and landing in front of a Sears. Some like to indulge more than others and, in the case of Adam Sandler, he indulges a lot. As this supercut points out, if there's one thing Adam Sandler movies have in common besides a collapse in quality, it's that he loves to eat brand name foods. Check it out.

This video comes from the YouTube account of Laser Time, who compiled all the most obvious uses of product placement in Adam Sandler movies. It pretty much makes these films look like a series of commercials. The list contains just about every movie from the comedian's resume, from Billy Madison all the way to Pixels, each one more guilty than the last. It's interesting to note that earlier movies like Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison only have one example each, while there's a huge spike in the Sandler middle years, before going down again in the later years.

The film that has the most use of brands is definitely Big Daddy. While the movie itself drifts in the space between middling and good, it has tons of references to McDonalds and Hooters. The supercut didn't even list all of them (there are a lot more references to Hooters at least). In second place comes Mr. Deeds, which had the characters literally park a plane so that they could enjoy some Frosties from Wendy's, which, admittedly, are delicious. Not to be the Mr. Deeds stickler, but the editor of this video forgot to include the water fountains that instead expel Hawaiian Punch. Then there's 8 Crazy Nights, which had a scene that was pretty much a promotion for any mall in the world.

While these Sandler movies certainly partake in some heavy product placements, they aren't the only films that lay it on thick. Michael Bay's Transformers films almost always feature really obvious ads for products, like in Age of Extinction when Stanley Tucci uses nanobots - which can become ANYTHING he wants - to transform into the Pill from Beats by Dre. Plus, there's the model of cars the Autobots transform into. Another big example is 2014's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (not coincidentally produced by Bay) that had the Turtles favorite pizza come from Pizza Hut. There's also The Internship, the Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson comedy that was basically a two-hour commercial for Google.

Adam Sandler may indulge in some shameless product placement from time to time, but can we really blame him? Who doesn't love a good Frosty? By the way, everyone should seriously try a Frosty from Wendy's.

Matt Wood

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