Arrow can be a complicated program. On the one hand, it’s a comic show about a guy who wears green leather and shoots bad guys with a bow and arrow. On the other hand, it’s an ongoing saga of a hero’s journey chronicling his descent into darkness in flashbacks along with his ascent into the light in the present. Now in its fourth season, Arrow has introduced an awful lot of plotlines taking place all over Oliver's timeline, so many that it sometimes feels as though we need a flow chart to keep track of which characters did what and where. Some of the most important narratives are also ones that have yet to find closure. So, check out our list of six crazy Arrow plots that still need to be resolved.

Wildcat In Star City
Season 3 of Arrow felt like something of a mask-a-palooza as more and more vigilantes entered the scene. Laurel Lance as Black Canary is the most notable of the new crime fighters to come out of Season 3, but she never would have made it beyond a ski mask and baseball bat were it not for her coach Ted Grant. Also known as former vigilante Wildcat, Grant was last seen having the stuffing beat out of him in the melee against Danny Brickwell. Despite only appearing in a handful of episodes, Grant managed to turn Laurel into a fighter able to brawl alongside Oliver Queen and Co, so…he might have superpowers and/or sorcery. Wildcat was actually written out of the show due to actor J. R. Ramirez being promoted to regular on Starz’ Power, but his arc on Arrow could still use resolution.

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