The announcement that Disney has given a specific release date to their live-action Mulan means that the pre-production process will begin to get rolling. Above all, that means casting an actress to play the lead. This is a huge opportunity for a young Asian or Asian-American actress. Considering the recent controversies surrounding white actresses cast in roles that were written as Asians, we figure Disney is going to go the less controversial route and cast a young Asian actress as Fa Mulan.

But one of the reasons that people like Scarlett Johansson get cast in movies like Ghost in the Shell, is that there's almot no such thing as a female Asian movie star in Hollywood. But there are plenty of young women who could become bonafide movie stars if Mulan is as big a hit as The Jungle Book. Here are just a few of the possibilities.

Jamie Chung

This one's a layup, but we'll start simply and easily. The fact is that that there's already an existing live-action Mulan. Jamie Chung has played the role as needed on the ABC series Once Upon A Time for the last few years. That version isn't identical to the Disney movie that the live-action film will be based on, but it's close enough to get started. We know she can do it. Why not give her the opportunity to reprise the role on the big screen? She also has additional experience working with Disney as the voice of Yo-Yo from Big Hero 6.

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