We're not going to say that we here at Cinema Blend control the world of baseball. However, if the fact that we ran a Major League Then and Now on the day that the Cleveland Indians opened the World Series with a 6-0 slammer is more than a coincidence, we certainly don't know it. In any case, to settle the score, and to make sure our readers who support the Chicago Cubs don't leave us in the lurch, it's time to give back to the Cubs with today's highlighted film: Rookie of the Year!

The story of a kid who, through some fateful accident, could pitch like there was no tomorrow, is considered a '90s classic by its fans. Let's hope that the World Series can grab a bit of lead character Henry Rowengartner's magic, as we run through the cast's careers then and now!

Thomas Ian Nicholas

Before Rookie of the Year, Thomas Ian Nicholas had made an appearance in Radio Flyer, in addition to some steady TV gigs. However, it was the role of Henry Rowengartner that gave him his big start. Afterwards, Nicholas would go on to other kids flicks like A Kid in King Arthur's Court, and eventually land in the American Pie series as an adult. He'll be at Game 4, if you're interested in trying to track him down for some good luck.

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