New Logan Images Gives Us A Glimpse At Its Badass Villain

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We're quickly approaching the end to an era. In just a few short months, Hugh Jackman will forever leave the mantle of Wolverine in the X-Men film franchise, leaving gaping hole where the franchise star and mascot should be. But before we're utterly Wolverine-less, Jackman has one final movie with claws: the highly anticipated and mysterious Logan.

The team behind the next X-Men installment has been utilizing a rather brilliant marketing campaign- showing us ominous black and white images from the official Logan Instagram, aptly named wponx. The latest of these post is a pretty cool image featuring none other than the villainous Donald Pierce. Check it out below.

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That's right, Bucky Barnes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is crossing over to interact with Wolverine's tired future self. Just kidding, but wouldn't that be wild?

While not incredibly revealing, the above image shows what can only be Donald Pierce's cybernetic arm. Pierce and his Reavers are cyborgs who are on the hunt for Wolverine and company in Logan. Hired by Nathan Essex (aka Mr. Sinister- who will hopefully be played in the future by Bryan Cranston), Pierce and the Reavers must hunt down Logan, Professor X, and a mysterious young girl Laura (cough X-23 cough). With mutants all but extinct and the X-Men dissolved, we can assume that the bad guys probably want to use the remaining mutants as weapons or scientific experiments. Whatever the master plan, it's not going to be an easy trek for Wolverine and his companions.

In the comics, Donald Pierce is a frequent enemy of the X-Men, in particular Wolverine. He makes his debut as a member of the villainous Hellfire Club, led by Sebastian Shaw. But rather than being a powerful mutant, he actually turns out to be a bigot who only joined the group in an attempt to gain access to the mutants, before killing them. He is eventually experimented on and becomes a cyborg, still determined to hunt down and kill mutants.

It should be interesting to see how Donald Pierce and The Reavers are adapted for the silver screen. It's unlikely that they'll be able to call back to the Hellfire Club, so they'll likely have to give him a new backstory for Logan. Will they have some sort of past with Logan? He's obviously lived for quite some time, and we're taking a major time jump from the last time we saw him in X-Men: Days of Future Past, so it's totally plausible. Then again, this might all be a set up for Mr. Sinister's eventual inclusion, so Pierce could end up being a placeholder for the real villain.

Are you excited to see Donald Pierce enter the X-Men universe in Logan? Sound off in the comments below.

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