Stan Lee Shares A Fantastic Marvel Greeting For Fans On Thanksgiving

Today is a special day to give thanks for everything you have. Stan Lee has achieved quite a bit in his 75 years at Marvel but he wants all his fans to know that he's thankful for all of them. The Marvel universe also celebrates Thanksgiving of course, and Stan Lee has given us a heartwarming image of the first family comics sitting down to dinner.

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If you're going to wish everybody a fantastic Thanksgiving Day, the only proper way to do that is with the Fantastic Four. The Reed family gets to have an evening away from dealing with Doctor Doom and instead gets to have a nice dinner, as so many will also be doing later today. It's a lovely image showing a side of comic characters that you don't normally see in the books.

The image is actually inspired a classic Norman Rockwell piece about Thanksgiving. In this case, the 1940s era American family has been replaced with superheroes. The holiday poppers are also added in this version. We're not sure if pulling on one along with Ben Grimm is the best move. Whatever is inside that thing is likely to end up all over the wall. The image also has at least one cool Marvel easter egg. The kid in the foreground has Captain America's shield attached to the straw in his drink.

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Stan Lee certainly has a lot to be thankful for this year. He officially reached 75 years of working with Marvel, which is a milestone few people will ever achieve with any job. While he may be best known for his cameos in Marvel movies these days, the man has had an amazing life and career that has contributed in immeasurable ways to popular culture.

We're certainly thankful to Stan Lee for the existence of Marvel. Without everything they did we wouldn't have one of the biggest movie franchises ever made, and then what in the world would we write about? Well, we'd write about Star Wars and DC and Disney and all the other great movies that are out there.

Will you be indulging in a little Marvel related holiday action this year? Maybe a little Thanksgiving Civil War with the family, which somehow that seems fitting. Or you could take everybody to the theater and check out Doctor Strange.

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. How do movies make their way into your traditions? Let us know in the comments.

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