The One Forrest Gump Scene Tom Hanks' Wife Loves Watching Over And Over

You can't really understate the power of Forrest Gump, a movie that is so quotable and memorable even today, despite being released back in 1994. The tale of a simple man with an incredible life has stayed with people for a long time, having given birth to iconic catchphrases and even a subpar restaurant chain. You've probably watched the movie a few times by this point, but you may not have watched it more than Tom Hanks' wife, Rita Wilson. Apparently, she loves to re-watch one scene in particular, and let's just say it involves running.

Tom Hanks recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show, where the host brought up that Hanks's wife loves to watch a specific scene of Forrest Gump. Perhaps in honor of fellow guest Mo Farah, the scene in question has to do with running. However, what Rita Wilson really cares about is her husband's butt. Hanks' had been working out to be able to do the massive amount of running that was required in that film, and the result was gaining nice buttocks. Whenever that scene comes on, Wilson likes to play it back to that she can see that nice "Hanks ass."

All this talk of running led Graham Norton to request that Tom Hanks recreate his famous running speech from the scene. Hanks was happy to oblige, but he wanted to make it clear that he didn't actually remember the lines. He made sure to point out the lady holding the cue cards, because credit where credit is due. Hanks then easily leaped back into the classic Forrest drawl to deliver the quote. Hanks hasn't lost a step as the character even after all these years, and recited the lines perfectly.

The scene in question was when Forrest decided to leave his troubles behind him and just run. His whole life had been about running, and so he decided to just never stop. As he sprints out of his house, the camera catches Forrest's backside taking off down the road, which also happens to give you a solid view of that Hanks booty. Here's a gif of the moment so you don't have to feel embarrassed typing "Forrest Gump running butt?" into Google.

If his butt looked good at that point, then just imagine what it looked like after running nonstop for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours. Jenny may not have ever really appreciated Forrest, but at least Rita Wilson does.

Matt Wood

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