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Mr. Parker is heading to Washington. He's ALSO heading to Jimmy Kimmel Live. The full trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming will air on the late-night talk show on Thursday, Dec. 8, and in preparation, Sony and Marvel just dropped this tease, with the first look at his upgraded suit!

Tomorrow, Spider-Man comes home. Tune into Jimmy Kimmel Live for a first look at the #SpiderManHomecoming trailer!

Posted by Captain America on Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The footage is EXTREMELY quick, and yet, it tells us so much. We see, as had been confirmed, that Jon Favreau's Happy Hogan is back in the MCU for Spider-Man: Homecoming, and that he is on hand to help Spidey (Tom Holland) out on a mission. But when Happy sees Peter at first, he's confused. Parker is wearing his old, original, pajama suit. But Happy brought him "a case." And in that case, from Tony Stark, contains a new suit. With upgrades. The next shot shows Spider-Man perched atop the Washington Monument in D.C., and he performs an aerial leap over a helicopter, producing this exquisite look at the hero's upgrades... web wings!

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Why is Peter Parker in Washington, D.C.? We have no idea. Spidey is a New York City superhero, and while his adventures have taken him to the four corners of the Earth over the years, we have been told that Spider-Man: Homecoming was going to be a high-school comedy, a la John Hughes. Class trip? I guess anything is possible. Maybe The Vulture (Michael Keaton) is up to some nonsense, and Spidey needs to swing through the Nation's Capital to stop him in his tracks?

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But we are speculating, off of seconds of footage. I like the POV of the footage, giving us shots of Spidey's homemade duds the way that Tom Holland would see them. What I really want is a good glimpse at the outfit, because the hood and sweatshirt hints in this shot give me a Scarlet Spider vibe from Ben Reilly's time in the suit.

Tom Holland

Am I reading too much into that?

Scarlet Spider

The first full trailer for Jon Watts' Spider-Man: Homecoming will air tomorrow night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and we will have it on CinemaBlend as soon as it arrives. What are you hoping that the trailer shows off? We made a few educated guesses, but I know I'd like a better idea of what Michael Keaton's Vulture will look like, as this is the first time that we are seeing the villain on the big screen in a Spider-Man movie. The film opens in theaters on July 6, 2016, so stay tuned. Tomorrow night is going to be a blast!

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