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Olivia Munn and Jennifer Aniston Say Naked, Partying Extras Were An Issue On Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party

Sometimes when you're an actor your job is to do something crazy. Sometimes, when you're working on movies like Office Christmas Party the thing that's your job can bleed over into reality. Apparently, when filming a movie that's supposed to be a raging party, many of the extras just decided that they should just go ahead and throw a raging party. This led to a lot of naked extras who found ways to party both during and after filming. It made for a less than fun working environment for Jennifer Anniston.

Yeah, that was kind of intense. It's a lot, walking into a lot of extras. And they're naked. And they're walking toward you in the scene, and they're directed to sort of, oops, lunge toward you, onto you. Yeah, it's overwhelming. I don't like crowds to begin with.

It would seem that the Office Christmas Party would get so intense that many extras just spent their days naked. To be fair, they were supposed to get naked, it's apparently that kind of party. However, according to Entertainment Weekly, the extras got so out of hand that at one point everybody had to report to HR due to the fact that many of the extras were apparently hooking up with each other. Yes, it got so bad that there was a mandatory HR meeting. My office Christmas parties were never so much fun that I had to report to HR afterward. Apparently, I was doing it wrong.

Jennifer Anniston wasn't the only one who had a difficult time dealing with the naked extras. Olivia Munn also had a run-in with one, though, the exchange doesn't go quite the way that we expected.

I was there a long time with these people, to the point where I looked over to the left and there was this guy who literally was just birth-naked, everything out, legs spread open. ... By this point, I was desensitized, and he goes, 'Hey, Olivia,' and I looked down and there he is, just waiting for an invitation from somebody. I go 'Yeah?' and he was like, 'What was it like working on The Daily Show? Because I just really love Jon Stewart. What's he really like?' And I'm like, 'Um...'

Yeah, we didn't think that's where that story was going either. Although, we can imagine that "waiting for an invitation" is a pleasant way of describing the naked man's physical state at the time.

It would seem that Office Christmas Party really lived the experience that the movie created. Hopefully, that will at least lend some authenticity to the comedy. We were expecting rude humor and debauchery. Apparently, we got it in more ways than one. Office Christmas Party hits theaters Friday.

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