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An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore's notable accomplishments include being the United States Senator from Tennessee and the 45th Vice President of the U.S., but in the world of movies, he's best known as the primary figure of the 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Gore used the movie as a platform to spread awareness about global warming, an issue that's still relevant, if not more, so, today. Gore has continued to be an active environmentalist, but next year, he'll be seen on the big screen once again for An Inconvenient Truth sequel.

A decade after the original documentary was released, it was announced today (via Deadline) that Paramount will debut An Inconvenient Truth 2 (not the official title) at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival's opening night before moving on to a regular theatrical release later that same year. While Davis Guggenheim directed An Inconvenient Truth, Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk are taking over helming duties for the sequel. In contrast to the first movie, which showed documentary footage to enhance a slide presentation Gore gave on climate change, this new documentary will follow former Vice President Gore "around the globe to tell a story of change in the making." In a statement, Gore thanked Paramount and Participant Media for taking on the task of "bringing the critical story of the climate crisis to the world."

An Inconvenient Truth 2 has been rumored on and off for nearly as long as its predecessor has been around, but now it's official after all these years. Back in 2013, Al Gore talked about how he had been thinking about a follow-up, while in the following year, the first movie's producers were reportedly discussing plans for a sequel. The first movie earned a lot of positive reviews upon its release in 2006, and it ranks at 93% among top critics at Rotten Tomatoes. It also won two Academy Awards for Best Documentary Feature and Best Original Song. Even though so much time has passed since An Inconvenient Truth's release, one can only hope that the sequel can be just as impactful across the globe, both in terms of performance and spreading its message of sane climate policy.

It's admirable that Al Gore has kept up his environmental work, and for those who don't enjoy reading scientific studies, a documentary like this helps folks to stay informed. Going off that "story of change" detail, it's possible that An Inconvenient Truth 2 may show the positive steps that have been taken fight global warming in the years since the first movie. Of course, there's still a lot of work to be done to improve our planet's health, meaning there's just as likely a chance we could see how things have become worse.

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