The Alien: Covenant Trailer Is Horrific And Awesome

Sir Ridley Scott will never let himself drift too far from the Alien franchise he helped launch way back in 1979. Though other filmmakers, from James Cameron to David Fincher, have taken stabs at the blending of sci-fi and horror, it's Ridley's fingerprints that always will be all over the killer franchise. And after soft-rebooting the continuity of the Alien franchise with 2012's Prometheus, Scott seems content to fully embrace the bloody and the terrifying with a rebirth of the xenomorphs in Alien: Covenant, which just dropped its first full trailer. Check it out below!

Well, that was gory! Merry Christmas, everyone. We hope you weren't eating anything squishy or gooey while enjoying that clip - which comes to us courtesy of 20th Century Fox. Finally, Alien: Covenant has some plot details with which to share, starting with the images of the crew of the Covenant arriving on a distant planet seeking an untouched paradise. The crew includes known cast members Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, and Michael Fassbender (playing a new android named Walter in addition to the return of his David character from Prometheus). The only problem with their plan is that the alien planet on which they land isn't deserted, and soon enough facehuggers are planting xenomorphs inside of unwilling human hosts, and a whole lot of carnage ensues.

Of course, because this is a teaser trailer, it not only provides us with a bit of information, but also does a splendid job of setting up a few interesting mysteries as well. For example, what the hell is going on with that guy at the beginning who is spasming and getting his spine ripped out of his back?

Alien: Covenant

And what's the deal with this stuff going into some dude's ear? It looks a whole lot like the same black goop that wound up killing a whole lot of people in Prometheus. I don't imagine that the fate of this character will be any better than the one suffered by Logan Marshall-Green in the 2012 film.

Alien: Covenant

Lastly, is this what could be described as an adolescent xenomorth? It's certainly not as small as a newborn, but also not nearly as big as the full-grown ones that we've seen in previous movies. It's possible that this little guy is starting his murderous activities in his proverbial teens instead of waiting for adulthood.

Alien: Covenant

All things considered, this was an amazing debut trailer for one of our most anticipated titles of 2017 - and we couldn't be more excited to see the full thing. We'll surely be seeing plenty more from Alien: Covenant in the weeks and months to come (Ridley Scott is a big fan of viral campaigns), so be sure to stay tuned here on Cinema Blend for all the latest updates leading to the movie's release on May 19, 2017.

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