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The love for Carrie Fisher keeps coming from fans all over the world. It's common for friends and family to hold candlelight vigils in support of those they've lost, but Carrie Fisher, of course, gets something a little different. She gets a lightsaber vigil. People are turning out in multiple locations across the country to remember her with their Jedi weapons ignited.

The Alamo Drafthouse theater in Austin, Texas held one event. At least 200 people showed up with their weapons and dressed in costume to show their support following the death of Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher. A mournful rendition of one of Star Wars' iconic themes was played as the crowd stood in silence.

Not all are wielding lightsabers. Some carry blasters, which was Leia's weapon of choice after all. Those in attendance run the spectrum of age and gender. The impact of Carrie Fisher's passing has hit everybody.

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We don't see this many lightsabers in one place even in the prequel trilogy. They may just be toys, but in a scene like this they are so much more.

Austin wasn't the only place where fans showed their respect. A similar lightsaber vigil was held in Anaheim last night as a Facebook event that was shared with at least 800 people led to many converging on Downtown Disney, the pedestrian mall near Disneyland.

It's unclear how many people actually attended the event, but from the images, it appears that the crowd was significant. Disneyland recently changed their security procedures, resulting in everybody going through a checkpoint when entering Downtown Disney, rather than when they enter the theme park area. There was apparently some question as to whether the crowd would even be let in, but they were.

Fans are finding whatever way they can to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher. This isn't the only way that fans have shown support. Recently a makeshift star was created on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.