Leslie Jones Reveals Her Ideal Superpower For A Deadpool Sequel

The hunt for a Cable may still be underway for Deadpool 2, but now the highly anticipated sequel might have something even better on its hands. Like many people all over the world, Leslie Jones is a big fan of film, and would love to appear in the sequel. She's already done half of the work for the writers by creating her own character, superpowers and all. The Ghostbusters actress let her wishes be heard last night while talking to Seth Myers, and you can watch the video below.

Leslie Jones appeared on Late Night with Seth Myers for a special New Years Eve show, and in the tradition of setting personal goals for the new year, Seth Myers brought up that Leslie Jones once said she'd love to be in Deadpool 2. Jones confirmed that she would absolutely love a role in the comic book movie sequel. She thinks the first movie was hilarious, and it doesn't hurt one bit that Ryan Reynolds is "one of the finest pieces of specimen." She would totally be down for being Deadpool's sidekick and just setting up the jokes for him.

Seth Meyers asked the SNL star if her character would have superpowers or not, and Jones replied that she just wants to be loud. Jones has definitely never had a volume problem, but in _Deadpool 2 _she wants to take it one step further; she wants to be so loud that people's clothes just fly right off, like an X-rated Black Canary. It sounds like she would fit right in with _Deadpool_'s booze swigging, wise-cracking crowd.

All of this is super fun, and I would definitely be up to see Leslie Jones in _Deadpool 2- _even if it's not totally as the role she's describing. Jones had a very publicly difficult 2016, but she hasn't let it keep her down. She's moved on past the hate she got from _Ghostbusters_ and her leaked personal photographs, even making fun of her situation multiple times on Saturday Night Live. I imagine getting a role in Deadpool 2 would be a great way to put the past behind her.

Deadpool 2 is being directed by David Leitch with Ryan "one of the finest pieces of specimen" Reynolds returning to the title role. There are still plot details being kept under wraps, but the film will at least partly tackle the idea of sequels. It was also confirmed that Deadpool's reluctant pal Cable would be appearing in the sequel, as well as the mutant mercenary Domino. No casting for the movie other than Reynold's has been announced, but figures crossed that Jones finds her way into the sequel.

With or without Leslie Jones (but hopefully with), Deadpool 2 is expecting to release in theaters on March 2, 2018.

Matt Wood

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