Leslie Jones' Reactions To Captain America: Civil War Make The Movie Brand New Again

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One of the more delightful new occurrences to come out of our social media obsessed world is live tweeting. This gives the opportunities for comedians and funny people everywhere to shoot from the hip and let the world know their first thoughts when watching a popular TV series or movie. And perhaps no one is better at this than SNL and Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones.

After taking a brief hiatus from social media after being harassed and hacked, Jones recently took to Twitter to live tweet Captain America: Civil War. She'd apparently been way too busy to see the MCU entry when it was originally in theaters.

Part of what makes Leslie Jones' live tweets so enjoyable is seeing her genuine shock and crazy reactions when watching dramatic moments. For Captain America: Civil War this came in the form of Chadwick Boseman's debut as Black Panther. In fact, you can see her initial reaction to the Wakandan Prince here.

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"Is that a big ass cat?!" is officially my new mantra. It's going on my tombstone.

Leslie Jones' new fascination with Black Panther didn't seem to let up as the run time of Captain America: Civl War continued on. In addition to being a badass superhero with a vibranium suit, Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa also had another superpower that Jones seemed especially excited about. Namely, it was that handsome face of his.

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Does anyone else want the folks in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to only refer to Black Panther as Cat Dude? Sure, it might take away a bit of street cred from the hero, but the MCU has never been a franchise that avoided comedic moments.

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Aside from Leslie Jones' new obsession with Black Panther aka Cat Dude, she also felt very strongly about the actual Civil War, particularly the epic airport fight sequence. But rather than pick apart the plot or choose either Team Cap or Team Iron Man, she was much more concerned over the logistical nightmare that an airport battle would cause. Seriously, what about all the commuters who are trying to hop on a flight?

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She does have a point. Leslie Jones also spent some time fantasizing about being a Marvel superhero. And if she were on the big screen kicking ass, she'd apparently make a lot more sound affects than Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow does.

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One of Leslie Jones' more famous live tweet events are usually about HBO's Game of Thrones. She feels very strongly about the events of Westeros- so much so that she couldn't resist putting a GOT reference in while watching Captain America: Civil War. Bravo, Leslie Jones.

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